an exciting and enticing DINING experience

There’s a continuing shift to fresher, healthier and more refined restaurant menus and at Mr Hobson, whose owner Sam Zeneldin, keeps transforming the long-established water's-edge restaurant and bar and function centre in Port Melbourne.

Always seeking innovation, Sam wants his venue to remain a culinary standout within the highly competitive Port Melbourne-Albert Park and St Kilda dining neighbourhoods.

For Zeneldin it’s a delicate balancing act to keep the traditions of Mr Hobson’s standards with the excitement and growth of casual favourites such as Burgers; Tapas; and more of a cafe experience which is exactly what Mr Hobson Cafe section offers.

So, whether you are after a formal dining experience, or a casual place to eat by the water, Mr Hobson provides today's diners with the versatility and options that they seek.